Fedora Flock 2019

Flock 2019

Every year around the beginning of August, the Fedora Community gather at the Flock conference. This year the conference was held in Budapest and I was lucky enough to be able to attend the first 3 days. The following are some of the highlights of the conference and some of my thoughts.

Where are we going as a Community

The first day opened with Matthew Miller the Fedora Project Leader State of Fedora. I unfortunately missed most of it because my night train to Budapest arrived late but I make sure to catch up once it is available on Youtube.

This was followed by a really interesting talk from Cate Huston It's probably fine. Cate went through what differentiate a great team from others. This is something I care about and I really liked her presentation. One quote particularly resonated with me If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want to Go Far, Go Together., this is something that I truly believe in and that I have experienced in my past career working on great challenge that only a team can tackle. During the Q&A a good point was raise, within the Fedora Community we are mostly working as individuals (teams of 1). This got me thinking and made me realize that this is a real challenge for the Fedora Community. How as a group of individual can we work together to achieve greater things ? A beginning of an answer to this question is to have a common vision or as Cate mentioned in her talk a common strategy.

CI, CI and more CI

For the last 6 months I have been mostly busy working on enabling Rawhide Gating in Bodhi. So I was particularly interested in the talks that touched that topic 😄. Overall I was quite happy to see that the work we have put into making the use of Bodhi for rawhide a nice experience has paid off. Feedback were good and interest in making rawhide more stable is quite high. I still think that we are missing some metrics that will help us identify potential areas of improvement.

Another talk that I really enjoyed was about the integration of Zuul with Pagure given by Fabien Boucher. To me this has a lot of potential, it allow us to start gating at the Pull-Request level, which made me think that maybe we should consider the idea to have a Pull-Request only workflow to update the Packages in Fedora, but that’s likely going to need a long discussion 😄

CPE team

As a member of the Community Platform Engineering team I was also interested in Leigh Griffin’s presentation on Open Source Agile, and how the CPE team is changing to provide better value to the community and the project. This is a topic that is close to my heart and I am quite excited to see the positive impact these changes have already made on the rawhide gating work. Another exciting thing happening is the Community OpenShift or Communishift. Kevin Fenzi gave a really good talk on the topic and I am looking forward to see all the interesting project the Fedora Community hosts there.

Finally as usual Flock is the opportunity to catch up with people that I mostly see behind a computer screen. So I tried to make the best use of this valuable face to face time to talk about everything and anything. The Fedora community is really diverse and being able to learn from all these different cultures is I believe unique to the Open Source world. If you have not already I really encourage you to watch this awesome video from Maria Leandro

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